Memorandum of Cooperation between Medochemie Pharmaceutical Company and University of Cyprus

The Memorandum of Cooperation is expected to contribute to the development of high value-added products and processes. On the one hand, it will strengthen Medochemie's efforts to deepen its research and development, while on the other hand, researchers at the University of Cyprus will have the opportunity to focus on applied research of common interest.

Research and innovation are the future of this place, so they need to be aligned with the needs, requirements and wants of the market. The currency of the Cypriot economy should be the main knowledge.

The innovation leads to the extroversion that together are the keys to a modern competitive Cypriot industry, which can unlock any difficulties that exist in the further development of its export activities.

Among other things, the Memorandum of Cooperation includes the development and participation in joint research projects, the implementation of projects of common interest, the development of study programs and activities, as well as the dissemination of scientific knowledge and culture, for the benefit of Cypriot society.
Specifically, the Memorandum of Cooperation aims to jointly promote research and education in the fields of Health, related to pharmaceutical and medical science.

Based on this agreement, but also the needs of the parties, students and new graduates of the Departments of the School of Sciences and Applied Sciences, the Polytechnic School and the Medical School of the University of Cyprus in Medochemie will be placed.