Dr. Pittas awarded the "Outstanding Contribution to the Republic of Cyprus" Medal by President Anastasiades.

The "Outstanding Contribution to the Republic of Cyprus" Medal was awarded during a special ceremony at the Presidential Palace on the evening of Tuesday, September 3, 2019 by the President of the Republic, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, to Dr. Andreas Pittas, Prof. Costas Papanikolas and former Minister Mr. Nikos Rolandis.
Mr. Anastasiades referred to the multifaceted and distinguished activity, course and selfless service of the three honored persons to Cyprus, as well as the passion with which each one of them served his vision. "The Outstanding Contribution to the Republic of Cyprus' Medal is an indication of the recognition and appreciation of their valuable contribution to the country, clearly visible at national, political, humanitarian, social and scientific level," Mr Anastasiades mentioned.

Referring to Dr. Andreas Pittas in specific, he added: "Distinguished by sharpness, innovative spirit and pioneering way of thinking, he has greatly contributed as a medical scientist to the promotion of medicine in Cyprus as well as a pharmacologist, by a remarkable business course, directly linked to the creation of his own, industry-leading, generics pharmaceutical company.” He also stressed that the strong export activity developed by Medochemie, Dr. Pittas’ pharmaceutical company, has benefited the Cypriot economy and has become one of the best ambassadors of Cypriot entrepreneurship in the international community.
At the same time, he recognized his multifaceted contribution to the fields of culture and arts, as well as to scientific research and added: "Nourishing great love and interest in these fields, Dr. Pittas, contributed significantly with his personal devoted work as well as the substantial financial support, to their development, through a series of actions for research, innovation, arts and the cultural heritage of Cyprus. His contribution was greatly recognized by his nomination as Honorary Doctor of the Centre for Science and Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of the Cyprus Institute. From both this post and the position of Chairman of the Executive Board of the Cyprus Institute, Dr Pittas has contributed decisively to the Institute's excellence, as well as to the development of scientific and technological methods in Art History and Archaeology. "
Lastly, Mr. Anastasiades noted that Dr. Pittas’ activity, in identifying and repatriating the stolen treasures of the occupied territories, which are of incomparable art significance and value, was considered of the highest importance, for which the Archbishop of Cyprus awarded him the Golden Medal of Apostle Paul.