21 year old Eleni Charitonos on a space exploration journey to conquer the universe!

21-year-old Eleni Charitonos on a space exploration journey to conquer the universe, accompanied by Medochemie
Being an active supporter of young people as they work towards achieving their dreams, Medochemie Pharmaceutical Company travels along with 21-year-old Eleni Charitonos on her journey towards conquering space.

Eleni Charitonos, a student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow, was selected to attend a particularly challenging training programme as an Analog Astronaut. The training will take place at the LunAres Research Station in Poland and is a significant step towards her final goal – becoming the first Cypriot astronaut. It is worth noting that participants in such programmes perform field tests -simulations with an extreme physical environment resembling space.

Member of the Medochemie Board of Directors Ms. Daphne Pitta stated: «Young people like Eleni Charitonos set a brilliant example for everyone, and we should equip her with the necessary means to continue on her knowledge quest for great successes, not only for herself but our country as well». Medochemie, said Ms. Pitta, «will proudly support this effort, which will place Cyprus on the space map for the first time».
Eleni Charitonos, who was awarded the National UKSEDS ‘Student of the Year 2021’ title for her work and contribution to the space community, departs on the 5th of June to complete her first major mission.